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At the heart of Homecrest is the yearning to serve humanity and to fulfill this mission: “to provide benevolent assistance to senior Christian Scientists in need, by providing assistance for their residential living costs and/or care in individual residences, or senior residences for Christian Scientists or Christian Science nursing care facilities in the State of Illinois.”

The Homecrest Foundation Board is working to express a Christly love and tender care in support of individual expressions of home and care for Christian Scientists in Illinois who may require financial assistance to meet these needs.

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Homecrest needs your help to progress. We hope that Christian Scientist in Illinois and across the country will support this effort by making donations - invididually, through your branch churches and societies, or from other groups. Please send your check, payable to Homecrest Foundation to:


PO Box 405

Geneva, IL  60134


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If you would like to be part of Homecrest and its mission to bless, please be in touch with any currect board member or emial homecrestfoudation@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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